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Hold It! The Great Ace Attorney Chronicles – REVIEW (Switch)

Court is back in session since The Great Ace Attorney Chronicles has actually shown up on Computer, PS4, and also Nintendo Switch! All this and also extra in our comprehensive testimonial of The Great Ace Attorney Chronicles!

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0:00 Intro
0:36 Premise & Characters
2:12 Investigation Phase
2:54 Herlock Sholmes’ Logic as well as Reason Spectacular
3:57 Trial Phase
5:15 The Jury System & Summation Examinations
6:29 Plot & Story
7:30 Clever Writing
7:52 Content PSA Due to Time Period
8:59 Additional Content
9:22 Auto & Story Modes
10:01 General Presentation, Visuals, Switch Handheld Mode & More
10:47 Review Score & Wrap Up
Video clip by: Tris Valbuena
Thumbnail by: Tom Arnold

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